5 Sports That Have the Sexiest Athletes

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Lately we’ve been watching ESPN 30 for 30s, Copa America 2015, the 2015 women's World Cup, baseball, tennis and yes, even 10 random seconds of golf. All that sports voyeurism got us thinking about which sport athletes have the best bodies.  Not just in terms of muscles and more muscles, but actual athletic prowess on and off the courts: flexibility, stamina, ability for explosive kinetics, fast recovery from injuries. You know, all the things that make for a sexy um, "running" partner...

Here's our top 5.  Which sport(s) make your list?

5. MMA Fighters: Ronda Roused is revered, feared and desired by almost everyone who speaks her name.  The guys (sorry, we don't know any MMA names other than Ronda) can take punches, kicks, over the shoulder flips and they still look like they can go home and give it to someone. Plus, we've been told more than once by more than one person these athletes make for very acrobatic sex partners.  Let us in the ring!

4. Swimmers and Divers: So lean.  So wet.  So hard.  Their abs that is.  Plus they can swim out and rescue you when you had one too many Sex on the Beach drinks to save yourself from drowning in 5 feet of water.  Mouth-to-mouth anyone?

3. Gymnasts over the age of 18: Yes, they are height challenged and possibly 10 years older than their Olympic paperwork says they are, but man can they pummel and stick it.  Ok, we'll stop with the sex puns.  But if these guys and gals can put their own bodies in the air like that, imagine what they can do on top of yours.

2. Tennis players: if you can get over the sounds of their elbows and knees constantly popping, you'd be taken by their power, stamina and mental focus.  They play on all sorts of surfaces and cross train which means they are good at mixing it up. And unlike the other athletes on this list, this sport requires them to play with balls.  Ok, THAT was the last sex pun...

1.  Football players, as in real football, as in soccer players: sure, the old men that run the corrupt leagues might wear $5,000 suits to cover their champagne and caviar physiques, but the players themselves?  Priceless.  Show us an archer or golfer or even a basketball player who could front an underwear ad campaign like Beckham.  And ever since U.S. women's soccer player Brandi Chastain famously bared her ripped torso during a victory moment in the '99 World Cup, men and women around the world had a new level of respect for female athletes.  Did we mention they’re typically not bad in the face either? Did we mention Beckham???

Go team go!

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