Creative Alternatives to Traditional Valentine’s Day Gifts

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The month of February is here and that means two (overrated?) events are nearing: 1) Super Bowl Sunday, where one can binge on nachos and beer like there’s no tomorrow and 2) Valentine’s Day, where one can [fill in your thing here] like there’s no tomorrow.  And while it’s easy to wait until the last minute to come up with a game plan for watching football, anyone who’s met the judgmental stare of a drug store teddy bear has felt pressure to plan the perfect Valentine’s Day since February 15th… of last year.

Fear not.  Batteries Included has got you covered with list of creative alternatives to traditional Valentine’s Day gifts.  Perfect for those that like to think outside of the box and shop at places that don’t also carry laxatives on aisle 7.

Instead of roses, go for

Blue Violets

  You’ve heard the romantic rhyme “roses are red, violets are blue…”  Well why get stuck on the first few words and purchase expensive red  roses when you can change it up and go with blue violets instead.  Like roses, violets represent romantic love.  But they tell the lucky receiver that they have your affection and faithfulness.  Awww.  They’re also cheaper than roses, which means you’ll have more money to spend on body oil for your DIY couple’s massage.

Skip the box of chocolates and order the

French Macarons

  The gift of chocolate is sweet 364 days out of the year.  But chocolate on Valentine’s Day just seems so…basic?   If there was ever a time to go decadent on the sweets, V-Day would be it.  So upgrade and treat your special someone (or even yourself) to a batch of French Macarons.  If made correctly, they are like bite-sized pieces of heaven - a light crunchy shell encasing buttercream that melts in your mouth like… And with so many flavors to choose from, everyone can get what they want, including those that need their chocolate fix on Valentine’s Day.

Blow out the votive candles and light the

Massage Candles

  Candlelight sets a romantic mood.  And if it makes the room smell like [fill in your thing here], even better.  But why just go for form when you can get function out of your candles too?  Consider the gift of a candle that melts down into warm massage oil.  Batteries Included likes Dona by Jo Scented Massage Candle in Naughty (Sinful Spring). The soy candle is infused with aphrodisiacs & pheromones and the melted wax is perfect for rubbing or being rubbed down.

Whatever you do, Batteries Included wants to help you enjoy your Valentine's Day.  Check out our site for more gift ideas, including the Batteries Included Cupid’s Cousin Kit.  And remember our favorite sex columnist Dan Savage’s sage advice the day of: f*#@ first!

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