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Spring is finally here and it’s the perfect time to clean some overlooked areas in our lives. For urban dwellers, this could be as simple as clearing out the fridge, wiping down a few shelves and finally scrubbing the toilet (we can smell it from here). For homeowners, it can be more intense – disinfecting appliances, yard maintenance and washing windows. Yes, the outside too, not just inside you slackers…
If you are cleaning your home, take a few extra minutes to clean your sex toys too! Here are some practical spring-cleaning tips from your friends Batteries Included.
Toss expired products
Expiration dates are on products like condoms, lubricants and birth control for good reason – they are less effective, and maybe even harmful – if you use them past their good date. Expired condoms can break which defeats the purpose of using them and expired lubricants can cause icky side effects - they smell (yuck) and may have bad bacteria you don’t want in your nether regions. So take a look in your bedside drawer and get rid of anything that’s expired (or about to expire) so you don’t accidentally use it.
Wash your toys

Some sex toys are made out of porous materials that absorb bodily fluids – bacteria in bodily fluids can seep their way into your toys and get passed on between you and your partner(s). Most sex toys (including vibrators, dildos, paddles, ballgags, etc) should be washed with mild antibacterial soap and water after use, especially if they are used with different partners or on different body parts.  Some toys made out of glass or stainless steel can even be sterilized in boiling hot water if there are no electrical parts. So take a few minutes to give them a gentle cleansing for a fresh start. And make sure to pat them dry with a clean paper towel or cloth before putting them back where you want them (nightstand or otherwise =))

Get a new toothbrush
We certainly hope you are using a new toothbrush more than once a year, but since you’re already in your bathroom cleaning that toilet, why not replace your toothbrush so you know your mouth is getting a clean slate too? We use our mouths for a lot of sex stuff – let’s make them as fresh as the mouthwash ads tell us they should be.
Clean and flip your mattress  
Sometimes kink can be found in conventional activities and this is the most traditional tip we’ve got. Your mattress probably gets a good workout with your sexploits and just like your sheets and toys, it can get pretty ripe without proper cleaning. So the next time you change your sheets, use baking soda and vinegar to release stains and odors, let it air-dry and then flip the mattress to give the other side go. Maybe you’ll find a new favorite position on the other side of the springs…

That’s all we’ve got. Thanks for reading and happy spring-cleaning. Now stop stalling and go clean that toilet!

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