Batteries Included Mission

A mission's a big deal, but it's not impossible.  Here's what Batteries Included strives for on behalf of our customers. 


At Batteries Included, we select products with emphasis on quality and we give you the information you need to play safe.  Think non-porous toys, glycerine-free and paraben-free lubricants and how-to instructions for every kit.  This means you can feel good knowing the toys, lubricants and other accessories we're choosing for you are meant to be enjoyed again and again and again...


Ever notice how the packaging on some sex toys assume the people using them are man and wife (or at least man and woman)?  We did too.  That's why Batteries Included deliberately makes our kits and website as relationship-neutral as possible.  Our goal is for every kit we make or product we sell to be used by anyone that's got ya-yas to make it work.  Be you married or monogomish, straight, bi or gay, feel free to buy knowing Batteries Included kits work for Adam and Eve.  Or Adam and Steve.  Or Eve and Eva.  Or Adam, Eve and Steve.  Or Eve, Eva and...well, you get the idea.

No Judgment

At Batteries Included, we carry a variety of products for a variety of people and we try not to judge, exclude or be rude. Hopefully that shows in our kits and store.  If you are feeling left out, let us know and we'll do our best to help you find yourself through our website.