Cupid's Cousin

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Hit the real bulls-eye this Valentine’s Day...

Like any good cousin, Cupid's Cousin is kinda fast and badass.  They've outgrown candy hearts and chocolate kisses and so have you.  Use your Batteries Included Cupid’s Cousin kit to try some new lubes, play with new toys and test out a new kink or two …or three. 

Batteries Included Cupid's Cousin Kit includes:

  • A small, discreet vibrating toy that works for all body types
  • A body-safe massage candle - use the warm oil for massage!
  • A satin blindfold for sensation play
  • Handcuffs and non-stick tape for restraints
  • A lubricant sampler pack- different brands, flavors and/or sensations

Great gift for Valentine's Day or an anniversary.

One size fits all.



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