Doctor's Orders

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Impress your patient with your bedside manner.  Then take them to bed.

Batteries Included Doctor's Orders Kit gives you the items you need to have fun with beginners-level medical play.  Batteries Included Doctor's Orders Kit includes medical themed products and toys, including instructions for performing kinky exams and a Batteries Included Prescription Pad. 

Batteries Included Doctor's Orders Kit includes:

  • How-To for "Doctor" and "Patient" role-playing
  • Real medical devices safe for home-use and play
  • Non-latex gloves
  • A lubricant sampler pack- different brands and sensations
  • A Batteries Included Doctor's Orders Prescription Pad
  • A small, discreet vibrating toy that works for all body types

Great gift for those interested in medical play or role-playing.

One size fits all.

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